Why choose us?

There is no dearth of immigration consultancies in Bahrain. So, what made us throw our hats in the ring? And why should you believe us to be the best? We were inspired to start this company when we realized that we were victims of immigration fraud. Faced with the predicament of Canada immigration Bahrain, we encountered false promises, fake advertisements, a lack of clarity in information, and dubious payment policies.

We felt sincerely that something should be done to get rid of such negative experiences so that no other immigration applicant should become a victim of immigration fraud. We sincerely believe that immigration services should stand on the pillars of trust, credibility, and clarity in communication. It must focus on realistic goals, and above all, have a sound and transparent payment plan. We run our company around these core values of offering a credible service, and our motto remains to help the applicants the best we can, driven by heavy conviction and coherence.

Stanley and Grace Immigration Consultancy is represented by a Regulated/Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) The RCIC stands as a member of good reputation with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). The Federal Government of Canada designates the ICCRC as a national regulatory body. An RCIC has the requisite authorization to represent applicants who come under The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and the Citizenship Act.

We structure our payment structure with payment structure on the actual work done by us. Our competitive and transparent pricing plans are meticulously tailored to be within your budget. You can be rest assured that the payment plans we have will be according to the amount of work done by us, as we proceed with your application. In all our cases, applicants for Canada immigration Bahrain are only required to pay after a particular step in the immigration process is covered.

We offer free assessments for checking your eligibility. However, it is our company policy to proceed only with those applications that stand a fair chance of success. We do not want to discourage you; instead, we don’t want to provide false hope and help you to prevent the wastage of your valuable time and hard-earned money. That said, our consultants will always do the best to advise you and guide you effectively so that you can a better CRS score and stand at a better chance to qualify for immigration to Canada in the future.

Who is an RCIC?

A Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant has the legal authority to represent clients on immigration procedures. The RCIC is a member of ICCRC who has good standing with the organization. The RCIC has detailed knowledge of immigration policies and can provide specialized assistance in visa applications while adhering to a strict code of conduct. When you need any assistance regarding your immigration application, you should look no further than an RCIC who has the legal authority to take up your case with the Canadian Government.

Why hire an RCIC?

You would naturally want to feel secure that your visa application is going through the right channel. Filing an immigration application is a highly detail-oriented process. It takes up a lot of time and involves substantial documentation, form submission, and meeting deadlines. An RCIC will look into all the aspects of the application on your behalf, guides you through the process, and makes it a lot more simple especially considering that you might be busy with other activities. An authorized consultant can get your application filed correctly, and optimize it so that there is a better chance of you succeeding.
There are several complexities in the Canadian immigration law, and it keeps changing often. The job of the RCIC is to stay updated with the newest policy changes and any ongoing licensing requirements. As there are more than 100 options by which you can apply for a Canadian visa from Bahrain, the RCIC will provide you with customized assistance, mapping out your best immigration choices so that your personal objectives are met.

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