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POSTED ON July 16, 2021POSTED BY: seoadmin

A significant portion of the population of Bahrain, a monarchy in the Persian Gulf, is non-nationals. They are largely Asian in origin. It is impossible to rule out migration to overseas countries in a scenario like this. Many non-nationals are driven to apply for permanent residency in an advanced nation because of the advantages that come with living in a relatively liberal nation with a democratic setup, excellent infrastructure, livable cities, quality of life, and tolerant society. In terms of finding permanent residency in an advanced country, Canada tops the list with its easy immigration policy, well-developed infrastructure, multiple job opportunities, cultural diversity, and tolerant society. We, Stanley Immigration Consulting, assure you to obtain your Canadian immigration certificate through a paid consultancy service.

Immigration to Canada from Bahrain

Canada is the most popular choice for non-nationals in Bahrain who want to live in and work in a developed country. Furthermore, Canada needs skilled professionals and workers from overseas to fill the vacancies across its various provinces and contribute to the country’s skills shortage. The Canadian government has various Canada immigration Bahrain programs designed to invite the skilled workers and their family members in the country like Federal Express Entry System, Provincial Nominee Program, Quebec Skilled Worker Program, Parents and Grandparents Program, Student Visa, Spouse category visa, etc.

The Process of Immigration

With local knowledge and exceptional service standards, our Canada immigration Bahrain desk is well-positioned to assist Bahrain citizens, families, and businesses who are looking to immigrate to Canada from Bahrain. Over the next few years, a growing number of people are planning to migrate from Bahrain to Canada. Canada Government is also planning to allow over 1 million new skilled immigrants, including citizens of Bahrain. It is one of the last remaining mass migration programs in the world.

Work in Canada for Bahrain Citizens

Bahrain citizens have high employment prospects in Canada. In Canada, it is well known that newcomers from Bahrain have great skills to contribute to the country’s economy. The education system of Bahrain is also highly regarded, so Bahrain citizens have a good chance of finding work in Canada. Immigrants from Bahrain are most likely to work in managerial and professional jobs in Canada, followed by skilled trades. Bahrain citizens in the medical profession are also in high demand across all Canadian provinces.

Canadian employers do not discriminate against Bahrain citizens looking for work. The economy and society are fair, with a high percentage of skilled immigrants, especially those from Bahrain. Your salary in Canada will be the same as that of other employees of the same standard. It is true that Bahrain nationals with strong English or French skills are frequently hired by Canadian employers and earn higher wages.

Federal Express Entry System: The Fastest Pathway to Obtain Canadian PR

IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) launched the Express Entry System in 2015 as the fastest way to obtain Permanent Residency in Canada. Express Entry uses a point-based selection system called Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The CRS scores registered applicants on the basis of crucial profile factors and then assign a point score called the CRS score.

Selection Criteria for an ITA from IRCC

If you want to succeed in Express Entry, you are going to need to have a high profile based on your age, work experience, education, and language skills (either English or French). Candidates applying for Canada PR as skilled workers must register their online Express Entry System profiles and score at least 67 points in the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) category to get selected in the Express Entry pool. IRCC invites the candidates who qualify for the Express Entry pool through periodic draws. The IRCC announces cut-off marks for every draw, and applicants who meet the cut-off mark become eligible for an ITA (Invitation to Apply) from IRCC.

We, Stanley Immigration Consulting, are a full-service immigration consultant and provide immigration services for work-permit-related visas, permanent residency visas, dependent visas or spouse visas, and short-term visas such as business visas or tourist visas. We provide comprehensive and end-to-end support to clients to help them realize their ambition to work and settle in Canada. Our tried and tested process will ensure that candidates present the best version of themselves while applying through their perfectly matched visa channel.